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What we do?

We are industry's finest developers and business analysts who help you take your ideas to reality.

App designs


Media and graphics development that differentiates your value with unequivocal user-experience and UX (user-experience) development.

Set-off your path right with our creative product development.

  • Branding – Conceptual frameworks & wireframes
  • User Experience – Hands-on-prototypes & user-experience
  • User Interface – Valuable mobile & web software design
  • Sophistication – Differentiate & enhance experience

App development


We build rich applications, highly effective enablement tools, and priceless experience with quality assurance.

Software development and integration experts with vital eyes on writing superior code. We have experienced engineers for your application(s):

  • Mobile Development – Mobile Apps and Integrated Devices
  • Web Services – Cloud Integration, Back Office & Application Development
  • Quality Assurance – Test Plans, Testing and Automation, Code Deciphering and Analysis, Release Management, Post Launch Support and Maintenance

App consulting

Strategic IT Consulting

Expert services help translate your needs to practical output. We offer best experienced consulting for web, mobile and cloud computing for major industries.

Major concentration on Web, Communications, and Enterprise; we will construct data necessary to confidently formulate well-informed responses to emerging opportunities including:

  • Service and functional evaluations
  • Requirements and compliance creation
  • Testing and Automation
  • Product engineering and tactical planning
  • Project management and control

Our Approach to Product Development

Our approach to development follows iterative progress towards a final solution. During each phased delivery we involve stakeholders to get key inputs and incorporate them into design and development. It solves problems when requirements are not entirely decided because user-experience is yet to be felt or just behavior is unknown. The complexity of defining application features and functions are built up front with Product Requirements Development (PRD).


Simple “I want the application to do this” comes from the client, and we then authorize PRD’s which exemplifies the details of applications usability. In our experience and depending on the complexity, we hardly ever get into 1 or 2 more revisions because mostly we get it right. A full understanding of all the application needs to do starts us onto the right path and creates a communication medium for change control. This all in nutshell helps with software development and delivery of highly dependable or prioritized functions.
Illustrate Functional Flows are simple mock ups. We can do this on a whiteboard, paper or digitize this for quick reference. This helps designers and marketing visualize the upcoming. Most fast developments skip this step and go right to wireframe development. Mockups are great for design collaboration, and help set expectations of what is yet to be experienced. Mock ups obviously are quite interesting if you are application is targeting gaming or more visual effective application. Let’s talk on that when we meet..
Building wireframes are key essential part to application development. The application on paper is not only designed for its experience but also for its visual graphics. The effects of visual graphics are represented with its icon development, color schemes, transitions, user navigation among other things possible with any platform like invoking location services.. etc. [We offer custom graphics development or we can pick easy ones from our library].

There are different state of software development and agility with its operations that kinds follow these areas:

Discovery & Strategy – A collaborative design work starting with white boarding to documenting requirements. User Experience Design – Experience the actual requirements at hand with strong story boarding of the product concept. Get user feedback, modify requirements before hard core development.

Development & Testing – Sprint through sub-development phases, provide a guided function to get further feedback. This adds another level of experience and identification of real-world problems like performance, or actual data presentation, etc.

Deployment, Marketing & Feedback – Management for releases, usability analytics and market attraction areas justifies functionality or enhancements. We incorporate this as part of our lifecycle management.


Agents For Your Business Transformation

Industry tends to evolve in a new direction every few years, from commerce to e-commerce to m-commerce. It’s a world of growing opportunities accompanied by challenges to establish and sustain trade fronts across these three commercial avenues. Managing customer and presenting comprehensive product has become even more important requiring both consistency and transparency. Our belief stands on three fundamental beliefs:
Q: How we help transform your vision?
Q: How we apply best capability towards that vision?
Q: How we cost-effectively do we deliver on that vision?


Our focus is to provide consumer, enterprise and telecom specific software in a hybrid multi-tenant architecture compatible with web and mobile platforms. Our development goals include unmatched quality, simplification in design, and hassle free technology platform providing seamless business operational capability across devices.
Teamwork and collaboration to provide a great user-experience is at the center of our core values. These along with user-centric mobile integrated cloud platforms that approach integration and implementation supporting most crucial operations with services that is always available.
We are mavericks of embedded software technology solutions with comprehensive understanding of diverse business operations. Our products and services help customers’ bottom line with scalable platform architecture providing features that are pro-active. Talk about traditional Client-server based Applications.

We are here to partner with you. Consider Smartly Built as part of your evolving business needs. We will help transition your business through various stages including

  1. Market evaluations
  2. Competitive landscape analysis
  3. Symmetric product comparisons
  4. Technical management of programs